In-House Assembly

GBGI has a fully staffed assembly team trained to complete your assemblies to the exact specifications your machine requires as well as to bearing manufacturer load specifications.

Welders, hydraulic presses, pneumatic grease systems and calibrated electronic torque wrenches are used daily to ensure that your hub assemblies arrive ready for you to put on your units and get your end customer in the field.

We strive to take the potential variable’s out of the customers hands and control the complete process in house. Our team is compiled of hardworking individuals who truly care about the quality of the product they send out the door. Each assembly is unique and our team has the knowledge and equipment to keep your customers in the field and avoid costly downtime.

Customer Benefits of In-House Assembly 

1. Increase Efficiency
With in-house assembly, we can test prototypes, discuss issues with engineering and design departments, and make immediate adjustments.

2. Maintain Quality
A team of trained assemblers help maintain quality and minimize losses by more adeptly spotting issues and quickly resolving them.

3. Avoid Downtime
With the ability to test completed assemblies, ensuring both functionality and durability, our team can help save you costly downtime.