Conventional Hub Assemblies

Fia-Flex™Hub Assembly for Multiple Fertilizer & Manure Applications

Fia-Flex™ is a superior assembly built to handle multiple fertilizer applications. Complete with tapered roller bearings and GBGI’s proven 3-piece v-seal, this assembly has proven to handle high speed radial and axial loads.

If you need an opener that’s durable and works in multiple fertilizer and manure applications, we’re happy to help you custom design an assembly made to fit your equipment.

  • Cast ductile iron arm provides dependability and strength.
  • 3-piece v-seal designed to keep contaminates away from bearings, preventing costly downtime and extending the life of your bearings.

IDA-X™Independent Disc Assembly for Tillage Equipment

The IDA-X™ hub assembly has a robust design and ductile iron construction that substantially increases the load capacity and impact resistance compared to conventional fabricated welded assemblies. Tested in the most demanding conditions, the IDA-X™ keeps rolling where others fail, reducing warranty costs and downtime.

Plus, it’s off-the-shelf, bolt on ready, so there’s no need for fabricating labor and costly inventory.

  • Ductile iron hub and mount provide strength, wear resistance and dependability.
  • GBGI’s 3-piece v-seal protects against premature bearing failure, reducing downtime and extending bearing life.