Work with GBGI to design and manufacture a superior assembly that eliminates your need to work on fabricated parts or monitor costly component parts in inventory.

All of our components are manufactured in the USA with the key benefits of accuracy, repeatability, versatility and integrity.

Disc Opener Assembly applications include single disc openers, double disc openers, planters and box drills.

Enviro-Max XP™

Heavy Duty Cast Opener Assembly

Tired of replacing off-shore made opener assemblies season after season? Put your seed in the soil with a heavy duty, American made cast opener assembly that will outlast the equipment you plant with. 

GBGI’s new and improved ductile iron bearing housing is proudly cast and machined in the USA. Assembly includes a tough boron steel blade made in the USA, and a premium PEER double row sealed ball bearing. 

Eliminate costly downtime and get your seed in the field when it counts with Enviro-Max™. The American made opener minimizes runout and failure while maximizing your yield.

Individual assembly component benefits are described in more detail below.

Large Rivets

Large rivets prevent shearing under increased load and speed of today’s machines.

Precision Machining

Precision machining helps minimize runout.

Solid Steel Press Fit Dust Cap

A solid steel press fit dust cap keeps bearings protected from dirt and debris in harsh environments.


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